Housekeeping Items…

Due to the recent wind our area has endured, please be sure that all downed limbs and branches are picked up prior to your scheduled mowing day.

Our commercial properties have seen excessive trash that has blown in and around.  If you do not have “Police Grounds” as part of your service contract please be sure to have your staff walk the property prior to your scheduled mowing day.

Picking up a piece of paper or the occasional branch is acceptable during weekly mowing services, however the time spent walking everyone’s property for multiple branches and excessive trash is time that is not factored into pricing, scheduling or machine repairs.  These items cause damage to blades, flat tires and the potential to harm someone from flying projectiles.

Lastly, pet waste. Per all service agreements pet waste should be picked up prior to your weekly service.  There is a $25 equipment cleaning fee applied and customer supplied water used to do so.  It is not fair to those without pets to have waste tracked onto their property.  It is also a health concern to those with healthy dogs coming into contact with someones sick pets waste.

For those interested we would be happy to supply pricing for all of the mentioned items listed above.

Without a service agreement, excessive debris removal will be billed at $45.00 per 15 minutes of labor plus disposal. Thank You for your consideration!

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