The Importance of Fall Plantings

Published by Joseph Gray on

Many of the beautiful blooms we see in the spring require a little extra love and care in the fall or early winter. Many bulbs require a long span of cool temperatures, typically 6 weeks before the first frost, to spark a biochemical process that causes them to flower. During this time these hardy plants develop strong roots without the added stresses of heat, water, and pests.

Plants need to sleep too! Most plants go into a dormant state or hibernation where they focus on getting nutrients and staying alive versus putting out flowers. By giving them the extra time and care in the fall they come back stronger and more bountiful in the spring.

This is also a perfect time to tackle other maintenance needs your property might have. Fall clean up, De-thatching, and over seeding are just a few things Second Look Maintenance Inc. can do to help give you a head start so you can sit back and know you have a vibrant spring coming after winter.

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