Snow Plowing – Deicing

New York State is one of the few states that sees all four seasons, each of them are beautiful in their own way and full of things that makes them special. Winter is no exception, sparkling snow crystals blanket the hills, your breath puffed in the crisp air, and the trees are decorated like a wonderland. Despite this breathtaking sight we also know that there is the other side of winter. Ice storms, whipping winds, snow falling inches to feet at a time, and the roads so covered and slick traffic is taken to a crawl.

Second Look Maintenance, Inc. provides snow plow services for both residential and commercial properties. Our trucks are sent out at 2″ accumulation and they follow their route, although your property may not be completed right at 2″ if you have signed up for our snow season you will be serviced as soon as a truck is able.

Our fleet is capable of taking care of many properties and if one breaks or is down due to maintenance it doesn’t mean your property won’t be done. It may take us a little bit to rearrange a route but you will still be taken care of. This is one of the bonuses of going with an insured qualified snow removal company vs. a solo operator.

De Icing

The winter in New York is always questionable and in recent years we have seen more ice coating the roads and properties. Here at Second Look Maintenance, Inc. we have also added the deicing service option to help with the icy conditions that are prime for slips and falls. This preventative service can help keep yourself and those around you safe this winter season.

We provide free estimates and are ready to help take snow removal off your list of winter worries.